Christos Spyrou

Christos comes with experience from 4 continents 8 nations and 30 years within the global air cargo logistics industry. During his professional journey, he was exposed to many different markets and cultures of conducting airfreight business. He is specialized in various air cargo sectors including advanced air freight consolidation management, neutral airfreight wholesale, ULDs utilization and equalization, gateway planning, networking, and to effective selling & sourcing for the professional airfreight broker and forwarder. Having risen by a family from the air cargo industry, he has a passion for the world of airfreight, logistics and its people. He studied in the UK air freight forwarding and logistics management, holds IATA, BIFA, ASM, DGR, OA, BA & LH Cargo certificates, and was privileged to work as an intern with AEI Air Express International in Europe and the Americas. During his early days in Europe, he managed the family business establishing airfreight organizations across the eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans, representing various global freight forwarders in the region as well as several airlines as a GSSA. Christos has also acquired vast experience in mega and special events logistics being appointed as an airfreight advisor for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. Christos moved to China early in 2000 and founded the in Shanghai. ACG is the first established global association of leading neutral airfreight wholesalers and consolidators. He is the founder and former partner of (2001) an association of local and independent Chinese freight forwarders, as well as the founder of a Hong Kong and China based consolidator providing neutral airfreight wholesale services. The company was later merged (2010) to a leading global neutral NVOCC where he held the position of Director Airfreight until 2015. Christos lived in Asia for 15 years before he moves back to Europe with his family on 2016, focused and committed, to providing corporate advisory air cargo logistic solutions and training to the logistics community through his holding and consulting firm He is heavily involved in networking activities being the founder and CEO of the premier global network of air cargo architects and aviation specialists, which consists of over 250 air cargo specialists in 150 countries, and he is the organizer of the His latest projects are the development of a digital airfreight rate engine and consolidation management software, as well as the establishment of - an air cargo management group dedicated to providing African airfreight logistics solutions and neutral value-added services to the global logistics and aviation community. Christos has recently been appointed as a board member of the international air cargo association.

Peter Whitfield

Peter has had a career spanning 50 years in the international freight forwarding and logistics industry and is now spending the majority of his time providing advice and support to various organizations through his consulting company based in Atlanta GA. He was the former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Universal Air Cargo Pty Ltd., (sold to AMI- Air Menzies, 2008) an international wholesale air cargo company that had operations in the United States, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Prior to purchasing Universal Air Cargo Pty Ltd. in 1987, Mr Whitfield had an equity position in a major Australian Freight Forwarder and Customs Agency. He also founded a business in New Zealand prior to moving to Australia in 1978. From 1966 to 1975 he was employed in various sales management positions with air cargo and forwarding companies in New Zealand, the UK and Australia. Peter has been also heavily involved in government contract logistics being the founder and former CEO and President of Final Mile Logistics, an international logistics operation and government contract vendor. He has extensive knowledge and success with moving freight into hostile areas such as Africa, Afghanistan, and Iraq. He studied Commerce and Administration at Victoria University in New Zealand and has financial interests in the wine, digital animation, biofuels, and computer peripheral industries. Peter has extensive industry experience in all areas of operations, sales, consulting, neutral airfreight wholesale, and procuring military contracts and understanding the process of government bids for service.

Paul Woolley

Born in France, raised in Southern California, Paul has lived or worked in the Asia Pacific region since 1983, where he has built an extensive career in Aviation and Transportation Logistics Solutions. Paul has held Senior Management positions in both European and U.S. Multi-National Airlines and Logistics Companies and has broad experience ranging from Company Startups to Corporate Training and Government & Regulatory Affairs. Paul has been Chief Representative for three major on-line Airlines serving China and Asia, Pacific and served a two-year term as President of the Board for Foreign Airlines in China while Country General Manager for United Airlines based in Beijing. As Chief Representative for TNT Airways in China, Paul developed the airline across Asia, starting new B747-ERF and B777F operations in Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Chongqing. Paul held a dual role for TNT Express, as the Regional Procurement Manager for required air charters and core commercial capacity across all major air carriers. Paul has held the position of Vice President Marketing Asia Pacific – and was a key member of the Senior Management on the startup team – for a successful U.S. Airline and ACMI Leasing company, and has established on-line station operations, as well as sales and representative offices across Asia and Globally. In recent years, Paul has expanded his experience into the development of General Aviation in China and international cross-border E-Commerce. Paul attended Business School at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and graduated with a BA degree from San Diego State University. Paul also holds course certificates in language studies from the University of Aix En-Provence and Taiwan Normal University. Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Paul has had extensive and advanced specialized training in numerous Aviation and Business courses including Security, Six Sigma, Lean, Personnel Management, Business Accounting, Safety, and Aircraft handling. Paul currently lives in Shanghai and is an advisor to airlines, aircraft leasing companies, airports, financial institutions, and freight forwarders. Beyond airline management, Paul’s specializes in the design of air freight solutions, business development, marketing programs, and procurement.

Sam Okpro

Sam was born in Nigeria but his life and business journey depicts him as a “Citizen of the World”. He studied in Germany before moving to Canada where he is now a Citizen and started his air cargo career upon graduation from Montreal’s Concordia University at Air Canada. He has lived and worked as a “box-kicker” (air cargo expert) in Trinidad & Tobago, Bahrain, Seychelles and the United Arab Emirates. He main focus is on assisting small & medium sized airlines, forwarders and other Supply Chain Members in meeting the future challenges of e-Commerce and get ready to satisfy the new trends and requirements of the X / Y and Z (Latchkey / Millennials / Screenagers) Generations. He is a dynamic industry veteran who have held senior management roles in the following strategic functions: - Cargo Strategic Marketing - Sales / Business Planning - Product Development - Cargo Procedures & Automation - e-AWB - Cargo Competitive Analysis - Cargo KPI Development - Air Cargo General Training, - Cargo IQ – (C2K) - e-freight He has held P&L responsibilities at various major airlines including: - Air Canada - BWIA West Indies Airways - Gulf Air - Etihad Airways - Air Seychelles (secondment from Etihad) He was also employed by IATA and Canadian National Railways.

Jelena Babic-Vogas

Jelena is a logistics professional with over 15 years’ experience in sales and business development in Europe. She has Excellent communication skills and has developed and maintains successful working relationships. After studying in one of the top International athletic Universities, Jelena achieved a bachelor’s degree as a sports professor with extensive studies included. Working under extreme pressure in her studies, her main beliefs were working hard, fast and discipline. These beliefs were the key in her academic success and these have continued to be the key to her industry success as well. Today Jelena is responsible for the air cargo networks and event business development for the Group.

Cécile Bailleul

Cécile is a French, experienced shipping and transportation lawyer. Throughout her international carrier has specialized in providing legal advice to numerous freight forwarders and carriers, and has also worked in the Insurance industry. Based out of NAP Athens Greece regional office, she assists NAP and its members, in a variety of air cargo transportation matters.

Jerry Qian

Jerry is a young professional with over 15 years working experience in the air cargo and forwarding industry in China and the U.S. Global perspective, creative, dynamic and detail-oriented, he is the ideal colleague to work with. He is specialized in air cargo operations and procurement, and he is a TSA certified cargo operator. For the last 5 year, he managed the air cargo divisions of leading global logistics organizations in China and he is responsible for the business development activities of Neutral Air Partner organization in North East Asia.

Meet the Neutral Air Partner team behind the Scenes

Boris Bartula

Boris comes with over 20 years’ experience in graphic and web design in various industries, and over 10 years’ in air, rail and road freight combined. Boris is specialized in web design UI/UX design and holds Masters degree in Graphical engineering and design. Through research, concept development & design, Boris helps build interactive experiences and digital stories for airfreight industry. As art director and designer, Boris has been creating digital products and leading creative teams to connect design, technology & corporate airfreight solutions. Boris believes in technology and interaction as the key differentiation that can turn any product or service into a meaningful experience.

Muriel Zographos

Muriel holds a BSc (Hons) in Business Administration with a degree in Marketing Management, a passion for learning and a curiosity about how things work, that led her to pursue different professional paths in the broad lands of Marketing, Advertising, and Media, the healthcare and wellbeing industry, and her favorite one, the hospitality field. Former hotel co-owner, small BTL advertising agency owner, award-winning CSR manager, events planner and retreats organizer, travel lover and a certified yoga teacher, explains how she tackles everything with a calm attitude. She’s a people’s person, a team player, an explorer, and an excellent listener and communicator. She likes getting people excited about things she’s excited about, and right now, that’s anything and everything related to Time Critical Air Cargo Logistics.

Rafael Navarrete

Rafael will be responsible to support and assist our Latin America members and Spanish speaking countries to grow their business through NAP, as well as to increase our presence in Americas, with quality air cargo experts filtered by industry expertise and specialization. Rafael is a young entrepreneur with 8 Years works experience in 3 different countries. He studied International Relations Bachelor in Mexico and International Cooperation Masters degree in Spain, He is a professional focused on strengthening customer relationships, eager to achieve the company's objectives. Based on his own criteria, through his work and personal experience, he states: the success of projects is based on effective communication and capabilities of the work team.

Nikos Sachinis

Nikos graduated from the Athens School of Economics and Business Administration. During the last 28 years, I have occupied positions of high responsibility, in important multinational and Greek companies in Greece and abroad (China, Venezuela). Before joining in, Nikos was working for an International Shipping Company of the UAE in China and Venezuela in a multicultural environment. His academic background, foreign languages, computer knowledge, and several years of working experience among several multicultural environments along with my energy and tenacity, allows Nikos to offer significantly in any working and life situation.

Johanna Cachapero Barja

Johanna started at an International Non-Government Organization, being part of the Admin, assisting different nationalities. Leaving after 7 years, this experience taught me to always keep detailed documentation, work in a multicultural environment, and enhanced my communication skills.