A: With our extensive network of airline contracts, NAV provides the opportunity to participate in global, regional, and/or country-specific RFPs, expanding your portfolio. We offer support, guidance, and proactive opportunities in your region, along with a TIACA corporate membership, connecting your company with a vital global air cargo association. Moreover, NAV connects you with like-minded GSAs, brokers, and airfreight professionals around the world to explore synergies and partnering opportunities.

A: Our dedicated team of air cargo specialists maintains regular contact with several airlines worldwide. We identify the best local companies for airlines, building a trusted GSA network. As a reliable network partner, NAV represents your company, delivering comprehensive solutions.

A: Our portfolio includes 80+ global airlines, and this number is continually growing.

A: NAV’s dedicated team works 24/7, 365 days covering all continents to bring you the synergies and business opportunities you have been looking for. All the work of marketing and new business development is done by us to represent the network and your company when talking to Airlines. As a trusted network partner of Airlines, we enhance conversations and negotiations for new business opportunities.

A: NAV does not guarantee exclusivity per country but limits the number of members per country to three, preventing any possible conflict of interest and fostering collaboration and variety in airline partnerships.

A: Yes, for a competitive fee, you can add other branches if you operate as a group or you are located in multiple countries.

A: Great news! NAV provides comprehensive support, advising, guiding, and assisting during RFP processes and meetings with airlines. We can answer all your related questions.

A: Yes, we host annual conferences where airlines, GSAs, consolidators, forwarders, and solution providers can maintain current and, explore and create new business opportunities.

A: Absolutely, we are represented at most all major air cargo events worldwide. Check our website for our presence throughout the year.

A: Yes, NAV provides a payment security guarantee (SAFE) designed to assist in resolving payment problems caused by bankruptcy and insolvency, as well as delinquent and overdue debts owed to and from other NAV network members.