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NAV is a global group of leading and independent cargo GSSAs, and neutral service providers committed to delivering innovative air cargo solutions to the aviation & logistics community.

NAV equips its partners with platform to engage with like-minded experts who share the same passion for the air cargo and aviation business.

We connect the next generation leaders with innovators around the globe, and we set new standards of excellence for the industry by developing be-spoke products & services for our airline, consolidator, and forwarder clients.

Our objectives

Set new standards of excellence for our business, by developing innovative air cargo products and services to the global air cargo logistics community.

Create the world’s largest neutral global network of leading and independent cargo GSSAs, brokerage and air cargo management firms to service the logistics and aviation industry.

Build competitive advantages through customized air cargo community tools.

NAV is powered by leading and independent aviation & air cargo professionals from the following sectors.

  • Cargo GSSAs
  • Airline brokers
  • Air cargo management firms
  • Ground handlers
  • Charter Specialists
  • Aviation consultants
  • ACMI operators
  • SME cargo carriers
  • Virtual airlines
  • RFS operators
  • Airports
  • Suppliers to the industry

Our mission

NAV is your business model